TASTE TEST! – Ramune CURRY and KIMCHI flavored sodas   1 comment

You will surely love Japanese dollar stores! Bang for a buck products with out that “dollar store” quality.- Mostly anyway.

I picked up these sodas for a buck and seventy five cents a pop, it came in with these cool goose neck bottles, that looks more expensive that the liquid in it itself. You remove the seal, remove the outer ring, put the T-shaped cap on top and push it down! The marble will then plunge down to the “goose neck” and will stay there, held by indentations, nope- the marble wont come out either. It rolls back and forth as you drink if you hold the bottle in the wrong position as you drink though, the indentation must face down as you drink to hold the marble in place.

Curry Soda: At first, I imagine it would be savory with strong curry taste- silly me. It has a mild fizz, with tad sweet ginger-ale like taste as you drink, but you would taste the hint of the curry at your last gulp in the back of your throat. It feels like as if you downed a sprite in the hatch right after eating a big bowl of curry. I personally liked it, surprisingly refreshing.

Kimchi Soda: This one, I expected it to be tad spicy, it kinda taste that juice in the bottom of your kimchi jar (in a good way) but sweet! It also has a little fizz into it. And you would also taste the kimchi flavor in the back of your throat- only, you’d get the taste as you gulp. Not just at the end of your last gulp. Very mild kimchi taste!! This time its like your washing down that kimchi spicy ness with sprite!

I personally like the curry taste more but I prefer the smell of the kimchi flavor. Both are refreshing and satisfying. No weirdness taste at all.





Clamcase Pro Ipad mini review   1 comment

I am always skeptical of keyboard cases for tablets, I had seen them in demo kiosks around and it has always occurred to me that they all have the same quality- a dollar store quality, regardless of its branding. They are expensive also.

When I got my Ipad mini 3, I was desperate to try a portable keyboard or a keyboard case as I know it would be handy instead of bringing my laptop all the time or typing on the ipad itself.

I decided to use amazon and see what ever product that would have  the most favorable reviews. I came across with the Clamcase Pro product, and searched about it, it looks promising- but more expensive than other keyboards on the market. I decided to skip it but an ad about a $50.00 off coupon popped up, so there you have it, I gave in.

I ordered mine through their website, after 10 days or so, it still didn’t arrive in the mail. I checked my account with them, the order has not even been processed yet, but they charged my credit card already.

I opted to cancel my order but their customer service hotline has limited business hours, so I was not able to take care of it. To make story short, it arrived in the mail, Finally!- it took 19 days. (I used free shipping, but promise delivery date was 7-10 days). It was a Good thing that I was not able to cancel it, because I really love the product! I was so nervous about it because i don’t want to be disappointed, specially with the amount of premium I paid for it.

The quality is amazingly premium! it is well built with very “apple” materials and finish. it has a nice feel to it, none of those dollar store feel, it feels like as if it was done in collaboration with apple themselves.

Very easy to connect, works straight out of the box with very few taps on the ipad itself to set it up. the island keys has a solid crisp each press, and no lagging issues while typing.

The ability to flip the case, to use as a stand on landscape mode, tilt it anyway you want, to fold the case completely so you can use your ipad with out removing your Ipad if you want to stow away the keyboard while using it- which is a plus, not all keyboard case has that option. It makes you not to worry about installing-reinstalling the clamcase just to accommodate your usage needs. It makes your Ipad and Clamcase a single convinient product that would adapt in every aspect of your needs/usage, You can even stand it on portrait mode (but you won’t be able to use the keyboard on portrait mode.) The outside has polycarbonate shell, feels like those white macbooks, but not slippery, sort of a matte finish but not rubbery. the keyboard area has a metal finish like macbook pros- it even has a cold feel to it, same texture as well. The section that holds the ipad itself has a smooth plasticky texture that I dont think would scratch your ipad, it feels similar to the inner shells of those otterbox defender cases.

It has a nice weight to it, it sure does add a little bit of weight on your ipad, but it sort of adds to the premium feel of it, the hinges hold really well in any imaginable position in every angle and degree.  I use it comfortably on the table, on the bed, on my lap while seated on the floor. It has nce grip to it that it won’t easily slide off of your hands or arms.  The keyboard area has rubber nubs on the bottom corners and by the either side of the hinge, it does give a lift away from the screen when closed- protecting your screen from any marks and possible cause of scratches.

On technical aspects, the feature of this products are well thought. They add in a feature of automatic sleep and wake up function to the keyboard itself to save on battery life, mine worked out of the box with out charging it and by a stroke of a key, the nice white led light on the top of the delete key indicates that it’s at 75% to 100% charged. The unit can be charged through a micro usb cord on the right side of the keyboard, it comes with a standard micro usb cord. though it does not charge your Ipad during the process of charging your keyboard, don’t think less of it as the battery last up to 6 months and I don’t think that feature would be really necessary. They programmed special keys into it including its own key to function as a home button!

The only downside I see in the case is that to keep the products as sleek as possible, the headphone jack opening is exactly as wide as the Ipad’s so you would only fit Apple earpods or any standard 3.5 headphone jack with narrow cord. None of beats or fancy ones would fit- unless you have an extension.

Yes- It also works like the Smart case or Smart cover, it wakes or puts your Ipad to sleep.

The only thing Im not sure is the protection against drops, or the ability of the product itself against drops. Hard to tell until it happens- I would give an update if ever.







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Aligning my Zen through peace.









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After posting my first blog entry, I unboxed my Nikon D3000 bundle, drove to San Francisco and shoot some photos. I was not able to shoot a lot, but these would be part of my “special collection”.

Now My Frugal shutter project officially begins!





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Well, First off, the purpose of this blog is not to give frugal tips, at least for now. But my main goal here is to build a blog which I think only few if none are existent. See, since childhood I am interested in photography, I abused my Kodak KB10, My camera phones, and I grew up with it. It was my dad’s greatest hobby, he used to have these expensive nikon film SLR cameras, “long” lenses and they say he used to develop his own pictures. He still love to shoot these days, but only pictures of my child, using an almost 4 year old nikon D5000 that my mother gave me which I passed onto him because I did not have the time nor resources to focus on photography back then, I only had it for few months before giving it to him. And oh! unfortunately due to molds, he had lost all his camera and lenses, or so I thought? I should ask him later.

Anyway, as I get accustomed to my busy work schedule and be comfortable with it. I’ve been thinking of learning the art of photography, I’ve been in the market eyeing the “perfect camera”, but I can’t just drop the gold to buy one, as I know all I have is the love of photography and none of the skills- using a SLR/DSLR, that is!

Now, I really find it funny that lots of photography hobbyist tend to criticize others who also take photos for art’s sake. Some tend to show their expensive DSLRs (which is fine) but really does not use it to take photos but rather use their camera phone to take a photo of their precious and post it everywhere, well, once or twice is fine. But there are also, thankfully, most of them, really has the skill and dedication in their craft. As I reflect which one of these hobbyist well describes me, it scared me to be the former two. Also, being the latter is hard to prove. I am not afraid to admit that I can be the former two, because I love gadgets and who does not want to show off?

So, the moment finally was realized when I was flipping through web pages of cameras on sale, I had finally found my camera! The cheap, old, out of technology (some would say) Nikon D3000 with 18-55 lens, 55-200 lens, a Nikon brand bag, an 8 gig memory card, 2 tutorial dvd’s, all brand new in a box for $399.99. Now a lot could argue with me on this, some could say, “save your money-not worth it-go for the newer-higher range camera”. Well, they do have a very good point on that, but I am just a beginner, coming from a point and shoot who values the essence of the picture no matter what equipment one had used (again, some would argue). After a long week of thinking and balancing pros and cons, I realized I am not ready to throw my money to an equipment that I do not know how to use nor have the time to learn it. So I gave in, with the full support of my dad, I got the cheap, old tech D3000.

And it hit me after watching Jared Polin’s super secret Nikon D3000 project, I had brought a challenge to my self, to use this cheap, old tech D3000 to shoot “art” and share it to few people. It would be hard for me because Jared is a pro and even he was using D3000 in his project, he has those expensive lenses. So I thought, It would be fun using my D3000 bundle plus extra cheap accessories to create my own art.

I also ordered an SB-400 flash for $89.00 from MelloDigital, a Vello glass screen protector for the display, would order a zeikos ZE-FLK52 52mm multi-coated 3 piece lens filter kit and a diffuser. And take on with my own project I would call “frugal shutter”.

My rules are;

1. Use my D3000 bundle and it’s lenses only.

2. Use the SB-400 flash only with or with out diffuser.

3. I could add filters and a tripod.

4. I could use photo editing softwares.

I am not sure if I could execute this project in a long run, but hopefully!

-Cheers! 🙂

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